Amount: $ 250


- 12 helium latex red balloons
- 1 dozen real roses attached to balloons string
-LOVE displayed on bed using towels
- Romantic kissing swan usingtowels(2)
- 10 balloons latex around room (red or gold)
* Rosepetals roomdecor
(upgrade to real roses $25)
* Heart design
* Rose petals trail
- 8 chocolate covered


Need To Know:

  • * The pictures have shown here are of the original setup and the same would be done at your place.
  • * The time you select is the Completion Time (the time by which you want the decorations to be completed).
  • * Your Personal Details will be taken to process your order.
  • * In case of any complaint, you have to notify us within 1 hour after the completion of decoration.

Important COVID 19 Safety Information:

  • The decorator will be wearing a mask and will sanitize his hands before entering the place.
  • You need to make sure that the decorator is allowed inside the society premises. If the decorator reaches the place and entry is denied to him, then it will be considered as delivery attempted and no refund will be given in this case.